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How to Diagnose ALS

ALS is one of the most dangerous diseases that affect both the brain and the spinal cord. The disease then spreads by affecting various muscles of the body. The importance of identifying the disease earlier is that it helps someone avoid the disease which does not have the cure. It is however better for someone to prevent getting infected by the disease than treating it. Below are some of the signs that can tell you whether you have ALS or not.

Muscle twitches is one of the signs that show that someone may be suffering from ALS. This symptom normally begins from the legs or the arms, but it is also possible for someone to feel it in their shoulders. The tongue muscles will also twitch in the process, normally when the condition is extreme. Some may argue that there are diseases that cause twitching of muscles and therefore it may be difficult to identify ALS, but this is not true as ALS causes involuntary twitching of muscles. If the twitch is painless, visit your doctor immediately to get cannabis for ALS.

Extreme muscle weakness is also a sign of ALS. This is one of the symptoms that can be confused with the effects of gym. However, after visiting the gym, your muscles should not continue to cramp especially if you are not pushing the weights beyond your limit. It is time to visit your doctor when the muscles clump even after leaving the gym hours ago. You should also do the same after realizing that there are changes in your physical posture. The doctor should be visited when a funny posture comes to get cannabis for ALS.

ALS also causes constant tripping. It is not always normal for someone to walk and trip on a flat surface. Even though this is something that can happen to any average person, it is not normal when it starts to happen frequently. Difficulty in speech can also be as a result of ALS. The thing with ALS is that it tends to compromise someone’s speech especially when it is developing into another stage. When this happens, you should waste no time but visit a doctor immediately to get cannabis for ALS.

If you are suffering from ALS, it would also be very difficult for you to do normal activities. Some of the tasks that most of the people suffering from this disease are unable to complete include turning a lock or opening the door. Their hands are completely weakened by the disease. Fatigue is also a common symptom for ALS. In a nut shell, if you have experienced three or four of the above symptoms, it would be better for you to visit a doctor for cannabis for ALS so that you can be tested for ALS.

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