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Some Statistics About Domestic Violence

It is not rare to find cases of domestic violence and this is because it is something that has been there for the longest time. Domestic violence has been on a long time and thus can be attributed to a number of factors. One of the major reasons is of course drug and alcohol abuse. According to statistics, it is highly possible for someone who is suffering from alcohol or drugs addiction to engage in domestic violence than one who is not. The covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a great increase in the amount of domestic violence related cases. The covid-19 regulations require people to self isolate, hence the jump in the number for domestic violence cases. This increases interactions between them, hence more likely for domestic violence to occur. Some really disheartening statistics exist on the domestic violence cases. Some of the are really heartbreaking considering the people cannot do anything about them.

It is a known fact that the ones who are suffering from domestic abuse are very reluctant to getting out of such relationships. There is one big reason as to why this is so. This reason is that such people who are suffering in abusive relationships do not want to get out of such, mistreating them because they believe that their abusers can change their ways. However, the domestic violence instigators do not have it in them to change, hence the victims remain so. This is a never ending cycle of domestic abuse that keeps on going on and on. Those who are suffering from domestic violence need to report those who are abusing them and not to keep quiet about something that serious. As a result such people who are domestically abusing those that they live with can face the wheels of justice.

Numerous domestic violence statistics exist who you can look at and use them to analyse the situation that is going on for you. Read about some of those tips that you need to look at when selecting the best domestic violence statistics site.

Another important statistic is the fact that men are also subject to domestic violence. This is a we’ll known fact that women are the ones who suffer mostly from domestic violence. There is a good number of men who are also suffering fr domestic violence as it is not limited to women only. They however choose to keep quiet due to cultural reasons.

You should therefore follow the above tips so as to ensure that you make the right choice of a domestic violence statistics and also the best domestic violence statistics site.

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